Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Night - Cold and Cool

Here is a crappy picture of my new ride. The frame feels a little small, and the seat post is extended way too far. Need to order a really long post I guess.

First Thursday Night ride was a success. There were 4 of us and we had a good time. Took a lap. Chatted in the parking lot for a bit over a beer, then dropped back in for another one. The dog joined us and didn't cause any wrecks as far as I could tell. I got some pooh on my tire, which then somehow made it onto my glove, which then of course wiped some snot off my nose. I wouldn't say the rest of the ride stunk, but I sure did. I want to believe that it was not my dog that crapped on the trail, but not many would accuse her of being very smart. Anyway, it was dark and guilt can't be proven.

Plan for another ride on Tuesday night at 6:30. Hopefully we will get some regulars for both rides.

Shawn is planning some trail work on Saturday AM. He some how wrangled some help from an unlikely source. I'll let him comment on that.... Anyone that can make it out to build some trails should join in the fun. I'm thinking I would like to get to Krug to do some much need trail work this weekend. Let me know if there are any interested parties.

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Tenacious Tortoise said...

Lansen, you don't need to order a new post... what you need to do is return this circus clown sized frame and have them get you the right size frame.