Saturday, November 25, 2006

Rough Weekend

The dog and I hit Corby this morning. On the second lap Wednesday took off after a rabbit. Somewhere in the brush she got hung up on something sharp. Finally came limping back with a 6-8" laceration that made it into the chest muscle. I wasn't sure what was the problem at first, until I saw the red badge of honor. Had to coax her out of the woods for nearly a mile to get to the car. The fine doctors at East Hills Animal Clinic cleaned her up and got her back in my hands within a couple hours. She is a little goofy tonight, but seems to be resting comfortably.

On top of that, my phone won't forward pictures and I can't even share the gorey details.

The good news is that Shawn hooked me up with the new Cannodale today. It is sweet and I can't wait to ride it. The bad news is that I can't post a picture of it either, so here is a picture of an equivalent set up.

Now imagine this bike with a yellow Headshok instead of a Lefty. On my last frame, I allowed the rear shock to run most of its specified travel. I think this might have been part of the problem with the chain stay breakage. The frame has no pivot point, and it is only a matter of time before that "carpet fiber" chain stay gives up the fight. This time I am going to run it tight. I don't care if I get the crap knocked out of me - it's going to be a stiff rear end.


jspell said...

How's Wednesday? Those are good folks at Easthills Animal Clinic. I have been there many times! Keep us posted on her, she is a neat dog. Hope to see you Tuesday night with the new bike.

lansenm said...

Wednesday is almost ready for action again. Besides looking like Frankenstein, she is already looking to do some more trail running. I think I will hold her off until the stitches come out though. It still looks a little gross, my daughter won't come near her.


Tenacious Tortoise said...

Very glad to hear Wednesday is okay... I think she was attacked by one of those ROUS (have to see Princess Bride) that I've spotted riding by myself at nite. Be ware!

As for your new bike, it's a shame you won't fully utilize your rear suspension... that just means it's going to a few more months to brake this new one! ;0)