Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Day Massacre

Sorry about no posts or rides for the last couple days. Went to Lincoln and rode with a buddy through Wilderness Park. In the last year there have been a couple head on collisions out there with broken bones and broken frames. This was one of the worst for bikes. It was some carnage and I really hope they make that park into a loop before someone gets killed. It is bound to happen. I took photos of the bike damage, but there is something wrong with my phone and I lost them. Here is the link to one of the wreck participant's blogs.

I heard she is still racing in the Jingle Cross race today. Good luck Syd. Dave is out of a frame again, but has one on hand as a warranty replacement after breaking a Gary Fissure at Krug. Hey JSpell, haven't you broken a G.F. or two at Krug? Anyway, in the collission Dave's frame was destroyed. The down tube and top tube ripped nearly in half. I couldn't believe no one was killed.

Stay safe folks.

Planning to ride both Sunday and Saturday, but at odd times. Jazzercise is opening up a new center in STJ and my wife is the boss. Trying to help clean up the place before folks start sweating on the floor.

Post a time if you are going and I will try to catch up - although I won't promise anything.

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