Friday, November 17, 2006

Trail Work this Weekend

Corby Extention Saturday - Shawn will be flagging new trails as mentioned in the earlier post - probably starting at 7:30 AM. I'm sure he would love company if folks are interested. He is a trail building fool, and has a real knack for laying out trails that limit erosion and maximize available real estate. Sounds like the new stuff is going to be pretty sweet.

Krug Maintenance Saturday- Planning to visit Krug in the afternoon to blow some of the leaves off existing trails. May not get through the whole loop, but am looking forward to clearing a fair part of it. Will be joined by the dog, who is more than obliged to sniff your butt if you'd like to pay a visit. Not sure what time, but I'm thinking around 2:00 PM. Planning to get some before and after shots of some trail sections to show how nice the trails are after being groomed.

(if you would like to join in on either activity, leave a comment and I will respond with contact information and/or meeting times)

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