Friday, November 17, 2006

Saturday Ride - 7:30 AM

Looking to ride at Krug tomorrow in the AM - shooting for 7:30. Thinking about two laps, but will have to see if the legs hold out. The ss is geared pretty high, and it is a push getting up most of the hills at Corby, let alone the straight-up, rooty, leafy, lung busters at Krug. However, after watching those pros from the Cannondale Demo Days do the entire loop in their big rings, I believe anything is possible. I had never considered doing those hills in the big ring.... psychos.

Will post with trail conditions after the ride.


Freak'n Lost said...

Hope no one was waiting for me on the ride this morning. tension cable on the garage door broke and I backed into the crooked s.o.b. made a real mess and i spent the rest of the morning trying to fix it. pain in the ass....

Tenacious Tortoise said...

Hey, I'm just glad door didn't come slaming down when you were pulling out. It's happened to mtb budies of mine in the past and it's no fun having to replace that expensive bike rack equipment.

So people be warned... garage doors have a cerain life span before they become dangerous... so every 10 years you should be checking your cables, pullies, & springs on the doors.